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The Primo 106 Process 1 We listen closely to you, the client – usually through an initial meeting with key personnel to get to know your business inside and out – to learn about your company’s personality, culture, brand, business opportunities and challenges, strengths in the marketplace, your competition, and much more. 106
2 We analyze information gathered from our meeting. We also thoroughly review your existing communications materials and efforts to gain a better understanding of how you are currently marketing your products and services, and how you are communicating with your various audiences.
3 We strategize based on our meeting and our analysis of your current marketing communications efforts. And dependent upon the defined project, we provide you with a communications planning document that delivers key insights, a recommended strategy, initial creative thoughts, proposed costs and a timeline to achieve your determined goals.
4 We connect again with you at this very important stage of the process – to share and discuss our ideas and obtain your input – with the goal to achieve consensus on strategy, creative direction, project elements, costs and timeline.
5 We create. This is when the agreed upon strategy and concepts transform into copy and design – whether it’s a sales brochure, website, annual report, newsletter, advertising or whatever is needed to support your brand and meet your marketing communications goals.
6 We refine the creative elements based on your feedback, carefully integrating modifications, but always making sure we are maintaining the integrity of the approved concept.
7 We implement, execute and produce the elements of the project, which would include printing, placement, production, distribution, etc. We work with you to ensure the right messages are reaching your desired audiences and the marketing communications efforts are a success.
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